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Self Lubricating Grease Cartridges
assorted grease cartridges
Fight the #1 cause of equipment failure!

Newer folding machines (Stahl, Baum Legends and2015/18/20 models) use self- lubricating grease cartridges as their source of grease. Replace them once or twice a year to ensure your folder gets the ongoing lubrication it requires.

  • 6 Month Cartridge - # PL6
  • 12 Month Cartridge - # PL12
Protect your investment

Sign up for MSI's Automatic Renewal Program and we'll send new cartridges to your door at pre-determined intervals - at no additional charge! You can install them yourself or have an MSI technician do it for you. No hassle!* No forgetting! Call today for more information.

*Billable at MSI's current labor rates