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Kent Woodward, Jr.
Rebel Trade Bindery

..... So why do we use a 3rd party instead of dealing with manufacturers direct? It's simple. Service is why. When you're in the service business, you MUST deliver service. And MSI does. We're a busy trade shop, and when we have a machine go down, I'm not in the mood to haggle with OEM's and jump through their hoops about all the little details. I need to get up and running, and MSI has proven over and over again that they come through for us when needed. Sherri and Janice have come to know our operation and equipment, and even though we're 1,000 miles away, I know I can get an honest answer about what I need in just a few short moments. In addition to service, we know that they're professionals, like us. And that's how they treat us. Cut rate deals? OK, try 'em. Then come back to time tested and proven service from pro's.

Ken Jacobs
M & F Stringing, LLC

Why do I like doing business with MSI? The reason is simple: pleasant people with integrity. Whether calling back with information, sending in parts or repairing machines, it all gets done promptly and it gets done correctly, every time.

Marty Armstrong
Salomon-Smith Barney

MSI helps keep my bindery running. They make it easy to order parts for all of my machines. Their service technicians expertly repair my machines and respond quickly on short notice. I can always rely on MSI for top quality, competitive prices and helpful, friendly service.